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The Wilder Artist

Sketching Nature as Curious Explorers


Do you find yourself drawn to understand nature and love being outdoors? Well, you're in luck! Botanical and field sketching is an amazing way to connect with the wild. You can learn about the plants and animals around you in a fun and creative way! 


In this class you will learn how to hone in on your drawing skills while also learning how to connect with nature. 


Nature sketching has so many lessons to teach us and if you come and take a step onto this wild artist’s path I will show you all the amazing things that nature has to offer us!

Does this all sound exciting to you? It does to me! 


So, why not come and start your journey as a Wild Artist!

What will I get out of this class?

  • Portfolio worthy pieces for your portfolio & or job applications

  • A closer relationship with nature

  • Observation skills

  • Drawing skills

  • Note taking skills

  • You will be learning about some wild edible and medicinal plants

  • Some basic biology and plant anatomy

  • Basic botany

  • A lot of amazing references and book recommendations

  • Knowledge from a scientific illustrator working in the field

  • Advice and help for your future career dreams

  • A connection with other students

  • Community

  • Access to me for any questions during the week

  • A new perspective on looking at the world

  • A lot of fun

  • & so much more!

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About the teacher

Julia Moore is a scientific and medical illustrator who has been published in textbooks, magazines and various publications. She has been working the past 8 years as a professional artist and has been teaching field sketching for the past 2 years. 


She loves connecting with her students as she teaches in a lighthearted way that’ll make you smile and laugh. She loves being in nature learning about wild edible plants and dipping her toes in waterfalls after beautiful hikes.

Photo by: Clark Hodgin


Here is some information about the course:

How many weeks is this class?

It will be for 10 weeks


When does the class start and end and what day of the week is it?

Wednesdays, at 7:00 EST, 5:00 MT & 4:00 PT

August 4th - October 6th, 2021


**Day of week and time subject to change**

How long will the classes be?

There is one 2 hour class once a week. If you cannot make it to a class, the class will be recorded and put online for you to view!

Are there any drawing assignments?

A project will be assigned each week that will focus on skills we learn each class.

How many students will be in the class?

In order to give each student enough attention for questions and advice, I will be limiting the class to 12 students.

What drawing skill level do I need to be?

This class is for intermediate to advanced artists, we will be honing in on drawing skills, note taking, observational skills and more in this class. I will walk you through effective ways to approach a plant or animal that you’d like to illustrate and how to best portray it in your field sketchbook. We will have weekly projects that we will present in class to share and learn from each other from.

Are there any scholarships available?

Yes, there are 2 scholarships available. Please email for information and an application for the scholarship.

Do I need to submit my artwork?

Applicants must submit up to 5 pieces of work for submission or provide a website or social media account that exhibits their work for application.

When do applications close?

July 11th, 2021


Photo by: Lisa Kruss


Class outline

This is a preliminary class outline, classes and projects are subject to change as the class progresses as the course develops.

Week 1

  • What is field sketching and why is it important? + Improving your drawing skills


Week 2

  • What is in a field sketchbook? + Note taking and observational skills


Week 3

  • Basic botany and plant identification

Week 4

  • Connecting to nature through drawing: seeing the details and the bigger picture. + Creative art supplies: making your own natural art materials


Week 5

  • Improve your drawing and sketching skills: exercises and techniques

Week 6

  • Incorporation of color in your field sketchbook: watercolors


Week 7

  • Understanding cycles and growth in nature: how to effectively illustrate processes in nature 


Week 8

  • Taking effective field sketching notes during plant walks & preserving plants you encounter to display in your sketchbook


Week 9

  • Becoming the student and teacher through your field sketchbook: How to portray information in effective & fun ways in your sketchbook


Week 10

  • The Wilder Artist: viewing the natural world with your new artistic lens 

  • Final class: presentation of work created and discussion

Sliding Scale $425-500

(Pay what you can)

Payment plans are available and I am offering 2 scholarships!

I don't want price to drive someone away so if that is the case please message me at to apply for a scholarship!

**Price subject to change**


Learning has so many benefits! 

I hope that this class will help you create a portfolio that you can use to apply for jobs and use these skills to open your eyes to the world around you. I believe that life is about enjoying what you do and if this brings excitement to your heart, I say go for it!


Learning with others is a great way to expand your mind and an amazing way to open doors to opportunities and experiences that wouldn’t have been there before. I am offering this class as a live class because I believe in the importance of community and connection.


My goal is to inspire you and get you excited about living your passions and a life that makes you say, “HECK YES!”

If you are interested, please click below to apply!


I am excited to meet you all!

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